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Ms. Fathima Althaf of S8CSE, Google Developer Student Clubs(GDSC) MITS Lead, has participated in the Graduation Ceremony held at Bangalore.

July 4, 2023

” When I applied for the lead role around the same time last year, I knew little about the opportunities and impact my role could have on the campus. GDSC empowered me to contribute to the growth of a whole community of MITSians. My opportunity to network and learn necessarily meant an opportunity for my community to do the same as well.

From forming a team – > to assigning leadership roles to the core team members -> to coordinating events – > to approaching industry experts for interactions /mentorship -> to hosting study jams -> to reaching out to the students for queries -> to utilizing resources at the campus to help students connect with Google Developer Experts -> to consistently maintaining free of charge events with offered perks for the involved members -> to passing on the torch of responsibility, there is much more that GDSC entrusted me to work on for a year.

Since the inception of the club in the presence of GDSC India’s community manager Ms. Ananya R at our campus, from hosting beginner-friendly workshops on Google developer technologies to interacting with resourceful speakers, the community has witnessed growth in its all glory.

Finally, with all the specified milestones being achieved in one year with dedicated student engagement, we are officially recognized as a Tier 1 GDSC campus. I also became eligible to be graduated as a GDSC lead at the India Leads Graduation ceremony held on 17th – 18th June 2023. The victory isn’t mine alone but is symbolic of the success of a committed student community.

I had been fortunate enough to have witnessed the work of a passionate group of students at our campus who had the quest to learn and advance in their skills. I sincerely convey my best wishes to the applicants for next term and hope the good work continues for bigger and better.

I forever thank Google Developer Relations (@googlefordevs ) for the excellent execution of the concept of peer-to-peer learning on campuses worldwide through the medium of Google Developer Student Clubs. “

– Fathima Althaf

GDSC MITS Lead (22-’23)

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