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Two days hands-on workshop on “Robotics”

2 days hands on workshop on “Robotics” was organized by the Department club of CSE – “CLIQUE” in association with FOSS club under AICTE SPICES scheme on 21-12-2022 and 22-12-2022. The session was handled by Dr Arun Kant A Jose, Assistant Professor Department of ECE. The workshop introduced participants the basics of Robotics including ROS essentials, Interfacing sensors and actuators and Intelligent systems. There were 4 membered 16 teams, with 64 participants of various departments.

ACADEMIC YEAR: 2021-2022

An Expert talk on “Digital Transformation Opportunities and Challenges”

Date: 26th February 2022


An expert talk on the topic “Digital Transformation Opportunities and Challenges” was conducted by MITS FOSS on 26th February 2022. Mr. Sudheer M, Practice Director and Global Head in Mobile Apps Quality Engineering and also the Startup Partner of Wipro Ventures was the resource person who gave insightful information and awareness on digital transformation which had a duration of an hour. The session covered various aspects such as how digital transformation has affected the people, the industry and also how to step into this field. He was very kind, knowledged and patient enough to clarify each and every query asked to him with utmost sincerity. The session was attended by approximately 50 students of MITS.

An Interactive session on “The Scope of FOSS in Projects”

Date: 6th November 2021


An interactive session on “The Scope of FOSS in Projects” was conducted for all students of MITS, primarily focused on 4th year students to share with them the tips and tricks useful for a successful IT career using FOSS. The talk was also beneficial for academic projects. The resource person for the event was Mr. Basil Skaria, Specialist Programmer at Infosys Limited and alumni of MITS. The session had an enthusiastic response and also gained a lot from the session. More than 45 students participated in the event and their feedback was very positive.

ACADEMIC YEAR: 2020-2021

An Interaction with Industrial Experts

Date: 29th May 2021

An interactive session was organized for all students of MITS to clear their doubts and concerns about cracking a good career for their future. The resource persons for the event was Mr Adarsh Antony, Software Engineering Manager & Technical Lead, Cisco and Mr.Ravikumar, Software Engineer, Google. The session was a success with many questions of the students were answered with utmost clarity. More than 80 students participated in the event and their feedback was very positive.


An orientation session about FOSS Club for first-year students

Date: 22nd May 2021

An orientation session was conducted for first-year students of MITS giving a brief introduction to various clubs of the CSE Department. The session was given by Arihant Hirawat of S8 CSE, Riya Sara Mathew and Kevin Regi of S6 CSE. The session was really helpful for the attendees to get a better understanding of FOSS, ICFOSS and FOSS Club MITS. More than 90 students participated in the orientation session and they found it very helpful.

An Interactive session on “Into the World of AI”

Date: 1st May 2021

An Interactive session on “Into the World of AI” was organized for the students of MITS on 01/05/2021. This session aimed to provide an introduction to Artificial Intelligence. The resource person for the day was Mr Karthik K, Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Innovation Incubator Advisory. The session was conducted successfully with great enthusiasm and participation. Around 75 students of MITS attended the session. It was an hour session held in Google Meet Platform and certificates were also given to all active participants.

Webinar on ‘Demystifying AI and ML’

Date: 31st October 2020

A webinar on ”Demystifying AI & ML” was organized for the students of MITS on 31/10/2020.The webinar covered the basics of AI, Deep Learning and ML along with a hands-on session. The resource person for the day was Mr. Amal Roy, Dean of School of AI, Kollam.

The session was given with great feedback from the students and around 60 students of MITS attended the session. It was a 3 hour interactive session held in Google Meet Platform with active participation from the students. Certificates were given to all participants.


Date: 9th October 2020

FOSS ART 2020 was conducted by FOSS Club MITS on 9/10/2020.It was a competition held virtually via social media platforms, especially for art lovers to create their artwork using Free and Open Source Software.  The entries were to be submitted by 17th October 2020. The competition was conducted successfully and the First Prize Winner is Ms. Emalda Maria Wilson (S5 CSE) and the Second Prize Winner is Ms. Karol Sabu (S5 ECE).  The artworks submitted were created using  open source softwares such as Photopea, GIMP, etc.


ACADEMIC YEAR: 2019-2020

Craquem 2020

Date: 29th January 2020

Craquem 2020 was conducted by FOSS club on 29/01/2020.It was a quiz competition for S4 and S6 students.The quiz was on latest technologies in the computing field and about free and open source softwares. 


Expert talk on Computer Security

Date: 19th February 2020

A talk on ”Computer Security” was conducted for the students and faculty of Department of CSE on 19/02/2020.The resource person for the day was Dr Varghese Paul, P G Professor and Research Supervisor, CSE Department RSET.

Inauguration of Official website of MITSFOSS

Date: 28th February 2019

MITS FOSS club organized its official website launch on 28th February 2019. The event was launched by Dr.Anand Hareendran, HOD CSE department.


Expert talk on Node JS

Date: 28th February 2019

A talk on” Node JS ” was conducted for the students and faculty of Department Of CSE on 28/02/2019.The resource person for the day was Mr.Mahalingam P.R, Assistant professor ,CSE.



Date: 23rd March 2019

FOSSART 2K19 was conducted by MITS FOSS on 23/3/2019. It was a Competition for designing posters using free and open source softwares.


Workshop on opportunistic network environment simulator

Date: 29th April 2019

A one day workshop on session on O. N. E was organized and conducted by  MITS FOSS club on 29/4/2019 for third year students of computer science and engineering . The resource person of the day was Dr. Sobin C C ,Associate professor, MES college of engineering .


Git and Github Workshop

Date: 28th March 2019

A Workshop was organized on teaching the basics of Version Control Systems like Git for the students on 28/03/2019. Session was taken by Mr. Rafsal Rahim


Technical Talks as part of Zest 2k19

Talks on various topics was taken as part of the annual event of Department, Zest.


Javascript Internals, Clang and GDB

Date: 2nd February 2018

A talk on ‘Javascript internals’ was conducted for the students and faculty of Department of CSE on 2/2/2018. Session was taken by Aswin A.V. and Vimal P Viswan, S6 CSE. Event started at 1PM in Project lab. Next session was on Clang, taken by Liya Yohannan and Sara of S6 CSE. A special session on GDB was also conducted for the students of 2017-2021 CSE batch.


Linux War

Date: 5th March 2018

Linux war, a Free and Open Source Software oriented competition was organized in March 2018, by Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Program committee comprised of Asst. Prof. Sneha S., Asst. Prof. Fasila K.A(faculty coordinators) and student volunteers from S8 CSE. The event was planned as an extended hour activity and was open to students from all departments of MITS. Winners were offered a cash prize of Rs.2500. The event got 40 registrations. Details of 3 rounds of the competition are given below.

Round 1 : FOSS QUIZ

The technical quiz was divided into 3 rounds based on questions from FOSS related topics. Students were divided into 20 teams of 2 members each. 2 sessions were conducted for 10 teams at a time. First round was ‘technical’ round, where each team got a chance to select the correct answer from the multiple choice answers within the stipulated time. Second round was named ‘Picture round’ in which pictures of scientists as well as FOSS related logos were displayed. Third was ‘Abbreviations’ round. No choices were given in 2nd and 3rd rounds.

The ‘FOSS QUIZ’ session was conducted from 4:30 PM to 6PM on 05-03-2018. The event had an enthusiastic involvement from all the participants. Audience questions and prizes were also provided which kept the environment lively. 20 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2: Shell scripting

Each team (2members each) was given a set of questions to which they had to program using shell scripting. Shell scripting round was conducted on 09-03-2018 from 4:45 PM to 5:45 PM. 18 students were shortlisted based on the number of programs completed and the accuracy of outputs.

Round 3 : Make your own Game

Students were divided into 6 teams of 3 members each. The task was to develop game using any open source tool. To ensure the quality of games developed by student teams, it was decided to conduct round 3 in two levels. First level has been conducted on 28th March 2018. Teams were given suggestions from the evaluation team. Second and final level covered the technical aspects. The same was comprised of a presentation session (along with a demo) in front of the technical evaluation panel. Teams were evaluated based on criteria like completion time, innovation and the tools used. The presentation was followed by an EXPO which was open from 3.15 P.M to 4.00 P.M at project lab on 05-04-2018. The game developed by Aswin A.V(S6 CSE), Georgy M. Rajan(S4 CSE) and Amrutha Sreeraj(S2 CSE) secured first position and bagged a cash prize of Rs.2500. Prizes were distributed by Dr. Tripti S. Warrier.


Lecture Series as part of Zest 2k18

Date: 10th February 2018

Talks on various topics was taken as part of the annual event of Department, Zest on 10/02/2018.


Talk on Cyber Security

Date: 21st February 2018

An expert talk on Cyber Security was organized and was leaded by Dr. Varghese Paul, Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology on 21/02/2018.

PING: Familiarization of Ubuntu and Linux commands

The main objective of the induction program was :

1. To expose first year students to FOSS environment and introduce them to use open source packages in open source platform.

2. Get familiarized with UBUNTU

  • Logging into a Unix system

  • Normal users and root

  • Using the bash shell

  • Running commands

  • Some basic commands

  • Editing text files


Web Development Workshop

Date: 29th September 2018


Introduction to open source software

Date: 3rd August 2017

This activity was conducted for the students of S7 CSE, wherein the students were divided into group of four. Each member of the group was asked to select any open source software which are distinct from others and present it to their classmates. The students were themselves made to categorize each of their listed software under various categories based on the certain common functioning similarities. Open discussions were conducted on various open source software on 03/08/2017 .


Open Source Software in the Industry

Date: 7th October 2017

A workshop was conducted on the most relevant open source software in the industry under the leadership of MITS FOSS club on 7/10/2017 Saturday. Workshop started by 9.30 AM and there were 15 participants for the workshop including 3 participants from the EEE department. The workshop included hands on sessions on the following open

source softwares.

1. Git, most used version control software

2. Google Test, Unit testing framework for C++,developed by Google.

Workshop started by introduction to version control and the need for version control. First session included installing git and creating a git repository. Some linux commands for file system management and package management were also introduced during this part. Implementation of several version controlling concepts in git were discussed. Second session started with installing Google Test on Ubuntu and running some basic tests using Google Test. Participants were able to test different C++ programs using Google Test. On the third session, Apache web server was installed on Ubuntu system for sharing git repository. Participants were successfully shared their git repository using the git-http-backend. Due to the lack of time it was unable to finish the planned sessions on Jenkins automation tool. The list of participants and the stills from the workshop are attached with this report

Talk on emerging trends in Computer Science

Date: 17th August 2017

An invited talk on the emerging trends in Computer Science was organized on 17/08/2017. The session was handled by Mr. Manu Narayanan, Wipro.


Talk on Password Security

Date: 8th September 2016

An invited talk on Password Security was organized on 08/09/2016. The session was handled by Dr. Samrat Mondal, IIT Patna.

Activity 1: FOSS club Inauguration

The program started at 3:30PM in Seminar Hall with a prayer. The Welcome address was given by Dr. Sanju V( HoD, CSE). And the presidential address was delivered by Dr. Ramkumar S, (Principal, MITS). He briefed about the general awareness and business aspects of how use of open source tools will benefited for our campus. Next, there was a logo unveiling by the chief guest of the function, Prof. Bijumon, an open source advocate and currently working as Asst. Professor in Department of Computer Engineering, MEC, Thrikkakara. Through his inaugural address he spoke about the free software foundation and the current practices in Free Software world. After the inaugural address, vote of thanks was given by student representative Ms. Archana Raj (Vice Chair, FOSS). Then as a token of remembrance, a memento was given by Dr. A C Mathai (Academic Advisor, MITS) to the guest on the behalf of FOSS club. By that it came to end for the formal session of MITSFOSS. Then there was an interactive session between the guest and the students. Different queries were discussed related to open source tools and its use. The audience of the program was different students from various batches of CSE and also the respective HoDs and faculties from various branches. The program winds up by 4:30 PM with the national anthem.

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