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Centre for Student Wellness  & Welfare

During the Educational period and later, overall development of our younger generation is highly significant. The internal and external challenges of our youngsters are to be resolved in order to empower them properly to become not only a good Engineer but also a good human being. MITS is always very keen in this regard. For this, close assessment and warm interaction with each individual student is mandatory. This purpose is the heartfelt agenda of our Centre for Student Wellness  & Welfare which is functioning under the guidance of a professional psychologist.

Once you step in to MITS in the first semester, you may feel that everything around you is different, with more responsibilities to handle both at academic and social levels.Some issues that every student may face initially are loneliness, homesickness, low confidence, anxiety, stress, sadness etc. If it is not attended in time from our level, this may affect the performance of the student both personally and academically.

To help you in solving the issues faced, keeping and sharpening your focus, you can totally be ease and informal at “Hygge House” (Centre for Student Wellness  & Welfare wing exclusively for first year students) and at the Campus Student Wellness  & Welfare Centre. We welcome you to approach us with any problem, be it academic, emotional or social, without any hesitation.

Centre for Student Wellness  & Welfare is exclusively for the first year students to give them a help in their transition from school to professional education-“Hygge House”.

The centre gives an opportunity for students to learn to improve their emotional, behavioural, personal, interpersonal characteristics, to develop confidence, make better choices, and increase educational efficacy. Here students are helped to explore and express feelings and ways of thinking about their present situation and work toward making a healthier and happier future.

Common issues noticed are………

  • Concentration Difficulties
  • Academic performance concerns
  • Home sickness
  • Stage fear
  • Time management issues
  • Communication difficulties
  • Over confidence / lack of confidence
  • Depression / Mood swings
  • Feelings of grief and loss
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling of burning out and loneliness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Transition
  • Uncertainty about aims and values
  • Academic pressure
  • Family concerns


We provide

1. Individual Counselling…

  • unburden yourself
  • 100 % confidentiality
  • no criticism, no judgment, no assumptions
  • at ease to talk with no pressure

We will…

  • respect you and your problems
  • will help you to consider the different options and make choices
  • surely will make an attempt to reduce the problem
  • will intervene with right people to help you if required

In one-to-one sessions, the goal of the first meeting is to help the student identify the issues that are causing them the most concern.

2. Group Counselling…

Class room sessions are also scheduled at times and dates which are convenient to them, depending on their academic commitments. Small group sessions are providing here for students who have common concerns. Female students, inmates from men’s and women’s hostel, bright performers, students with academic performance difficulty etc…are generally taking small group sessions.

3. Psychological Assessment…

In some cases where more precise diagnoses are required, we conduct psychological and psychometric assessments. These tests are administered by a trained psychologist. These tests help all those who are concerned with the student’s wellbeing to decide upon the best possible intervention.

4. Training programs…

The Counselling centre also organizes different training programs to faculty members during each academic year. These are organized on different topics related to mentoring and student psychology. Centre is functioning in a close association with Ethics committee, Women’s Forum, Anti-ragging cell, Students Council,NSS, PTA etc…and various awareness sessions are being organized for student groups.

5. Club…

An anti-drug awareness campus club (Lahari Vimuktha club) is also functioning under the aegis of Counselling Centre wherein student and faculty volunteers are trying to ensure the campus as a Laharivimuktha Campus.

Appointments are available from 10.00 am to 5.30 pm Monday-Friday. MITS’s Student / parent can directly take appointment through telephone or by mailing us on: [email protected]

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Dr. Sindhu Ajith
Associate Professor

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