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Academic Partnerships/ Collaborations

SIEMENS – a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitization
unveiled its first COE in Kerala, on 08/03/2018 at Muthoot Institute Of Technology And Science (MITS).
This venture, initiated by the Department Of Electrical & Electronics at MITS, is expected to demystify the
unsolved ‘Academia- Industry’ gap. It has the potential to offer solutions to real life industrial problems and transform student knowledge level by offering certified courses in Basic PLC, HMI Networking, SCADA and
AC and DC drives.
Areas of collaboration :Student training support on automation and drive modules
Activities :

Faculty training, Student batches are undergoing automation and drive
trainings (IN HOUSE AND EXTERNAL), 1)Basic PLC – S71200/S71500,
2) SCADA, 3) HMI, 4) Electrical drives, 5) Web based  short term training.
SIEMENS certification will be provided to selected courses.
MoU with Siemens

Internship programs :

1) PLC
2) Industrial SCADA
4) AC/DC Drives.

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IBM Analytics Lab is a Centre of Excellence set up at MITS. It primarily aims at developing skills in emerging areas of Computer Science and Engineering, and gives exposure to stakeholders through webinars, expert interactions, industry visits, etc. The centre has been set up in Turing Lab.
Areas of collaboration :Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence 
Activities :Two addon courses – IBM Artificial Intelligence Analyst,
IBM Business Intelligence Analyst   (Both Explorer level and Mastery Level offered for students as well as faculty),
Free access to IBM Think Digital Conference,
Participation in IBM Coding challenges, Industrial Visit to IBM.
MoU with IBM
MITS has got an advanced and well equipped RF design laboratory covering design and verification of the concepts
of modern digital communication systems that operates from KHz-GHz range. The equipments are upto the mark of
industrial design and manufacturing standards thus making this lab an active launchpad for budding innovators and
scientists. The lab includes experiments on applications of various communication protocols such as GSM/CDMA/
WLAN / Bluetooth / Satellite / GPS etc… analysing different devices and components such as filters / amplifiers /
antennas etc… which enables wireless communication effective, modulation techniques and characteristics of
microwave wave guide components. This lab is equipped with 13.6 GHz Spectrum analyser, 18 GHz Vector
Network Analyser, Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes, Digital Oscilloscope, Arbitrary waveform generator, Function Generators, Transmitter and Receiver modules, Antennas, Modules for Digital Modulation and Demodulation techniques and Power Supply units.
Areas of Collaboration:Workshop on Emerging and Relevant areas in RF and Wireless Communication
FDP on ESDM Tools in Education, Research and Industry
Activities:Design of antennas, Device Testing using Network Analyzer, Handson session on “Antenna Design using ADS”.
MoU with Keysight Brochure
Impart skill development on CNC programming and operation,  Assembly of Machines, Manufacturing processes, Quality
control,Inspection and Foundry technology for Mechanical Engineering students.
Areas of collaboration:Training courses on  CNC programming and operations, Foundry Technology, Manufacturing processes and Assembly of machines, Quality control and Inspection
Activities :Industrial Visit, Internship
MoU with HMT
Metrolla Steels Private Limited
Structural steel is one of the important materials in Civil Engineering and construction industry worldwide. The section
and  material  properties  of  steel is of  prime  concern  for  structural  and civil  engineers.  Metrolla  Steels is a  leading
manufacturer of TMT bars in Kerala. MITS Civil engineering department started associating with the company from the
inception  of the department  itself and  signed a MoU for mutual collaboration in 2020.  The students  and  staff members will get opportunities to visit the plant, do industrial training, and be part of the research works carried out in the company.  Civil Department of MITS offers consultancy services to the company in return.
Areas of collaboration :Students’ training, industrial visits, internships, research for both staff and students.
Activities :
Internship, industrial training, site visits, research collaboration, etc.
MoU with Metrolla
Red Hat Academy is an academic training program designed to help institutions by providing an enterprise-ready Linux and open source curriculum
Areas of collaboration :Training and free access to online materials
Activities:No-cost instructor training and support, Free access to online web store, discounted certification exams
Cherian Varkey Constructions Private Limited
Cherian Varkey Constructions is doing large projects in Kerala for decades. The project includes Kochi Metro Rail
project also. The association with the company is beneficial for both staff and students of the department. So we
signed  MoU  with  CVCC  in 2020  for  mutual  collaboration in  the field  of construction  and  research  in  civil   
engineering.   The  experts  in  CVCC   will  be  handling   workshops  and  training   sessions  for  the  students   in the   department.
Areas of collaboration :Students’ training, industrial visits, internships, research for both staff and students.
Activities :
Internship, industrial training, site visits, research collaboration, etc.
MoU with Cherian Varkey Constructions
Knowledge enrichment and skill development of students in the areas of Polymers,  CAD design and  Manufacturing, Tooling etc
Areas of collaboration :Short term training programs, Research  and Development works, Consultancy,
Industrial Visits, Collaborated projects
Activities :CAD add on course on Siemens NX for , Joint final year projects, Short term training program on plastics
MoU with CIPET
InterCAD Systems Private Limited
Software is an essential tool for any civil engineer or civil engineering student. Application programmes like,
AutoCAD, STAAD, Primavera, etc., are extensively used by civil engineering worldwide and a good knowledge
in these and   similar   are  inevitable  for  better career  opportunities  and career enhancement.   For   this  the
department of Civil Engineering has signed MoU with InterCAD Systems, a leading Civil Engineering software
training   company  in   Kerala  in  2015  and   renewed  in  2020  for  next  4  years.    The collaboration will be helpful   for the students and staff through trainings, workshops and research associations with the company.
Areas of collaboration :Software training, industrial visits, research for both staff and students.
Activities :
Workshops, live projects, research collaboration, etc.
MoU with InterCAD Systems
Professional academic training in the form of workshops,Internships Training programs to students of mechanical engineering department.
Areas of collaboration:Internships on Hybrid and Electric vehicles, Comprehensive Automobile development, Industrial and automotive design, Drone Development, Industrial Automation training.
Activities :Conducted internship on Comprehensive Automobile development.
MoU with Ezenith
Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA), is an initiative of Government of Kerala under Indian Institute of Information and
Technology and Management – Kerala with many International collaborations to explore the disruptive potential of
the Blockchain Technology for achieving public good through capacity building to promote Research, Development and Entrepreneurship.
Areas of collaboration : Internship, Conferences, workshops and certification programs 
Activities :Discount for KBA paid conferences, workshops, certification programs  and internship
SFS is one of the leading builders in Kerala offering luxury villas and apartments. Since its inception in 1986
the company has been playing a major role in implementing new lifestyle in Kerala. It has constructed about
14 lakhs m2 of built up area and is working hard to be at the top of the sector. Department of Civil Engineering
had signed a MoU in 2019 with the intention of mutual benefit of the students/staff and for the company in
academics and research area. The company can provide the students opportunities for internships, industrial training, site visits, etc, at their sites and at office which will help the students equip them ready for employed.
Areas of collaboration :Students’ training on site and office management.
Activities :
Internship, industrial training, site visits, etc.
MoU with SFS

International Collaborations:ESIGELEC, France

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