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Centre for Industrial Consultancy, Inter disciplinary Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Objectives and goals of CIDRIE

The centre will help to bring faculty and students together to develop, refresh and exercise their research skills by helping to solve real world problems facing businesses, government and the community in general. The centre would primarily be having the following four goals:

  • To teach applied research methods to students and interested faculty.
  • To provide faculty with applied research opportunity.
  • To produce high quality low cost information for the local stakeholders (the Institute, Muthoot Group, Small & Medium Industries and Businesses, Government Bodies, Social Welfare Workers, NGOs).
  • Be an incubation centre for start-ups and help guide entrepreneurs.

Summary of the initiative

The Research Centre, in order to achieve its objectives, would have in the initial phase four major sub centres, namely:

  • Centre for Sustainable Innovation
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship Incubation
  • Centre for IC&SR (Industrial Consultancy & Sponsored Research)
  • A Tinker Lab for Developing Crazy Ideas

There are four major stake holders – The Muthoot Group, The Institute, Industry and the local community (represented by the government). All the four participants/stakeholders would be providing capital in terms of funding or man power and skill to the research centre. The research centre in turn would be providing its services to these four agencies.

The Centre would be composed of the following functional units:

  • Research Centre Advisory Board
  • Research Centre Core Team
  • Centres of excellence and Laboratories
  • IT, Secretarial and Laboratory Staff
  • Legal Counsel: Intellectual Property.

The research centre would be following a Design Thinking based approach for solution development and deployment. The major activities undertaken for problem resolution is shown below.

CIDRIE is a platform that brings together students, technical staff, faculty and researchers to foster interdisciplinary research and Innovation in varied areas of interest and inquiry. The centre provides an environment that stimulates collaboration and inspiration.

Projects are spread across diverse disciplines spanning the length, breadth and depth of human inquiry and interest like social causes, healthcare, sustainability, disruptive technologies, art, culture education and teaching & learning methodology. The aim is to give back to the society and the institute by working on any problem / issue from various relevant areas like social causes, healthcare, sustainability, disruptive technologies, art, culture education and teaching & learning methodology.

People are prompted to think exponentially, to think big and to think “out of the box”. CIDRIE is a place that inspires people to do the things that inspire them. People can try out crazy ideas without the fear of being looked down upon or made fun of. At the same time people and ideas are kept grounded to the real world through expert mentoring and support. It is a place where one finds happiness through the act of engaging in ones favourite pursuits as well as through the act of giving back to both the Institute and the country.

Come to us with an idea and we will help you develop a product and start a business. Come to us with a problem and we will design a solution for it.

Our Team

Dr. P. Suresh

Professor and Head, CIDRIE

A veteran in the domain of automation and digital transformation, he obtained his PhD from Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras. Prior to joining CIDRIE, he had been working at Tata Motors as part of their digital transformation initiative. His experience also includes major industries like Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Limited, and Cummins India Limited. He does research in digital transformation, module robotics and control systems, power electronics and drives, and automation. He also has numerous publications and IPRs to his credit.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar

Design Engineer, CIDRIE

An active entrepreneur with a number of completed projects, he is well known for the NESDAY brand coconut scraper which is expanding its presence in India & abroad. He specialises in circuit design, operations and cost optimisation, standardisation, and quality control. He brings vast experience from different industries and projects in India, UK, and Australia.

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