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  • All application forms related to hostel like hostel joining form, cancellation form and short stay (in special case) can be downloaded from college website. Fill the appropriate form and submit it to the office after obtaining required permissions.
  • Re admission is required in every academic year and readmission forms can also be downloaded from the website.
  • There will be 4 quarters in a year (Aug – Oct, Nov – Jan, Feb – Apr, May – Jul).  Hostel is allotted for a semester and  rent shall be paid for a semester. However, mess fee can be paid every quarter before 10th of starting of any quarter.
  •  Rent, mess fee and short stay fee applicable will be published in the website under the hostel tab.
  • All inmates are reminded to pay the hostel fee on time to avoid late fee.
  • Allotment of rooms shall be made by the Chief Warden every year.
  • Students must occupy the rooms allotted to them and should not change/exchange rooms without prior permission from the Hostel Authorities. Violations of this rule will result in the expulsion of the student concerned from the hostel.
  • For vacating the hostel, cancellation form has to be given l5 days before the start of the next semester and necessary approvals have to be obtained.
  •  In very special and emergency case short stay is allowed, but for a maximum of 15 days.
  • Students are encouraged to use the sports facility in hostel or college campus till 8 pm on working days and should adhere strictly to the rules/timings specified in the courts.
  • On all working days 8.30 pm to 11 pm is strictly reserved for study time and no student shall be found loitering around or making noise.
  • All first year students shall sit and study in the mess hall between 8.30 and 11 pm on all working days.
  • There will be three bins (for 3rd, 2nd and 1st year students) kept in front of the hostel Manager/Matron room and all students have to mandatorily deposit your mobile phones during the study time on all working days. This will also be treated as the physical roll call verification.
  • Inmates are not permitted to stay in the hostel during college working hours.
  • lf an inmate falls ill, she or roommate/friend must immediately inform the Matron/Hostel Manager.
  • Students are permitted to go outside the hostel after college working hours with prior permission from the Warden/Matron. However, students should return to the hostel before 6.30 pm on all days. In case of stay back at the college for curricular/Co-curricular activities after 6.30 pm, students must take prior permission from the Warden/Matron with the approval of faculty advisor.
  • All movements from and to the hostel shall be recorded in the “Movement Register’ by the respective student and shall be verified by the Matron/Manager. Prior leave request through parents should be given to Matron/Manager in case of students taking leaves during college working days after getting faculty advisors approval.
  • Students admitted from 2019 batch onwards are not allowed to bring two wheelers/four wheelers to hostel.
  • Roll call is compulsory. Absence during roll call and late arrivals will attract disciplinary action.
  • Disturbing the quite atmosphere of the hostel in any way is not permitted as it disturbs the fellow hostel mates.
  • During Silence Hours, residents must not go to others’ rooms and disturb the inmates. Loitering in the corridor is also not permitted. Appropriate action will be taken upon complaints about activities that disturb other inmates.
  • Decent dressing is expected from the hostlers inside the hostel.
  • Guests/Visitors are not permitted to enter any rooms allotted to the residents. Parents / visitors, who want to meet any inmate, get permission from the Manager/Matron and meet them only in the front lobby. Visitors’ timing is 5 pm to 6 pm.
  • Students are not allowed to use extra electrical appliances in their rooms unless permitted by the Hostel Authorities.
  •  Furniture should not be removed from the rooms and used elsewhere either inside or outside the hostel without the permission of the Warden.
  • Inmates should always keep their rooms and common areas neat and tidy. Hostel furniture, fixtures and other items shall be used with care. Fine will be levied for disfiguring of doors, glass panels, furniture and walls of rooms from the inmates of the room in addition to the amount needed for repairing and repainting the above.
  • Inmates are not permitted to play outdoor games inside the hostel.
  •  Students are banned from going to any water bodies for swimming/bathing.
  • Students should keep the toilets and bathrooms clean, failing which a collective fine will be levied from the residents of the respective wings/floors.
  • Residents are instructed to switch off the lights and fans when they go out of the rooms to save electric power.
  • All complaints regarding repairs/maintenance in the Hostels must be entered personally by the students in ‘Complaint Registers’ maintained in the Hostel.
  • Use of mobile phone is allowed only in the timing specified by the institution (as decided by College Council and PTA). If the usage of mobile phone during prohibited times is found, it will be kept under the custody of hostel authorities and will be given back only on
    the completion of the semester examinations.
  • Laptops are allowed in the hostel. However, WIFI service will be available only in the timing specified by the institution.
  • No student should stay away from the hostel on any day without the prior permission of the concerned authorities.
  • Students should not paste any posters /pictures etc on the walls, doors, windows and shelves. Cut-outs should not be placed or brought in the hostel.
  • Students should not arrange any functions or meeting within the hostel without prior permission from the authorities concerned.
  • Those students misbehaving in any kind with hostel authorities will be subjected to disciplinary action.
  • No student shall indulge in any form of ragging to any student, causing mental or physical agony or inflict monetary loss to them, harass them or indulge in any kind of obscenity, vulgarity or violence with them. Students found involved in any form of ragging are liable to severe disciplinary action, and shall be punishable under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code 1860.
  • As stipulated by AICTE all inmates should submit an affidavit (Prevention of Ragging) in the prescribed format and submit it to the Warden.
  • Consumption of alcohol or drugs and smoking or chewing of tobacco and its related products is strictly banned in the hostels and in the college campus.
  • Inmates must report any disciplinary matter or problems concerning them or their room-mate/ neighbor(s) coming to their notice to the Warden/ Chief Warden.
  • Students are cautioned to be very careful about the safety of their belongings. They should close their rooms securely when they leave the room even for short periods or when they are sleeping.
  • Student should not keep large amount of cash or costly items like mobile phones, camera, electronic gadgets,jewelry etc. in their rooms. Hence complaint about loss or theft about such costly items is discouraged.
  • For the proper management of hostel life, a hostel council will be constituted for various hostels with the Warden as the Chairman and members to assist her/him. The main activities of the hostel Council will be to look after hostel upkeep, the welfare of inmates, recreational, cultural and disciplinary activities shall be entrusted. The council shall meet once in a month (Preferably First Monday).
  • The hostel will be personally inspected by the authorities regularly. The residents will be subjected to severe disciplinary action if they fail to follow above mentioned rules and regulations.
  • Every student must be acquainted with all the rules and regulations of the Hostel. He / She must observe them strictly. Ignorance of rules will not be considered as an excuse.
  • Breach of any of the hostel rules will attract suspension/expulsion from the hostel.

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