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COVID’19 Related Activities

As part of our societal responsibility in the face of a global pandemic, a number of useful technological interventions have been initiated by the faculty members and students of MITS. These activities have been coordinated by the Covid Cell functioning at MITS.

Alpha Droid – “Robot to assist frontline COVID-19 Healthcare workers”

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is needed to maintain social distancing. However, this is not possible for a medical worker, as they are expected  to take care of the patients by providing food and medicine at regular intervals. Though they are provided with protective kits, as the whole world is in a crisis situation, there is a shortage of these kits at many locations, making their life at stake. It is not enough to just provide the patients with food and medicine. It is also important to communicate with them to understand their needs.

‘Alpha droid’, a remotely controlled robot to assist medical workers for the timely dispense of food and medicine to the COVID-19 patients. It is a RF controlled Robot transmitting live visuals to a remote location (up to 100 meters). It carries weight (food and medicine) up to 20 Kilogram. Patients can communicate using voice and video with the person at the remote location for their needs.When a robot is deployed to assist the medical workers in dispensing the necessary materials, the Covid spread to the medical workers can be controlled. After every dispensing routine the robot can be disinfected manually with required precautions.  We plan to add UV disinfecting of the space occupied by Covid-19 patients as an extra feature soon.

This project was designed and developed by final year students (2016-2020 Batch) of Muthoot Institute of technology and Science. The students behind this project are Ananthu Anil, AjayDas CF, Rohith Rajendran, Feba M Varghese. The project was mentored by ECE Department faculties, Dr. Arunkant A Jose, Mr. Baiju Karun, and Ms. Megha Franklin. This project is funded under CSR initiative of Muthoot Group.

Advanced Non Contact Temperature Detector

 Students from S4 Mechanical department, discovered an easy method to adhere to the protocol of pandemic. Fever is one among the early symptoms of the virus. As a preventive measure at workspace, they developed an Automatic Body Temperature Sensor which detects one’s body temperature and check whether it is below acceptable temperature or not. The device performs the following actions 

1. Record ID card Number  
2. Automatically measure body temperature 
3. Display the recorded data 
4. Alert the person with abnormal temperature.
By using this product, everyone entering the firm will be scanned and an alert would be triggered accordingly. 

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Two different models of dispensers were built on campus. One dispenser was designed by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, which is a wall-mountable model, and works by detecting the presence of any object using an ultrasonic distance sensor. Even though it is slightly bulky, the dispenser has been designed in such a way that we can use regular sanitiser bottles inside it. A second model was designed by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, which is a desktop model, and works in a similar fashion, but dispenses using a fountain instead of normal plungers. The model is smaller compared to the earlier one, but uses a custom container to hold the contents. 

Register here to learn the making of an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

Contribution to

A team of 8 students and one faculty member from Department of Computer Science and Engineering have been associated with, which is a crowdsourced platform for managing COVID-19 cases in Kerala. It also has associations with district control rooms of KSDMA. The first stage of contribution was on building analytical dashboards to track testing and results. At the next stage, a software was built using in React and Nestjs, which aimed for providing stays to the people for their quarantine period. Hotel administration had an option to register in it and get their rooms available for quarantine stay listed in it and others were provided with booking facility. The hotel administrator would be provided with all the booking details too. The software can be accessed at The source code repositories are available at  and

Report submitted to AICTE

As part of the initiative by Government of India through AICTE, the institution submitted a report on how COVID-19 impacts domains like Agriculture, Education, Medicine, Technology, IT, and E-Business. It also described how strategies can be built to recover in the post-COVID scenario. It also builds a comparison of the current pandemic situation with the likes of Spanish Flu of 1918.    


Contributions of NSS Technical Cell, MITS

The NSS Technical Cell took up the following activities as part of COVID-19 management.

1.Online campaigns
2.Plant-A-Tree challenge
3.NSS Sannadhasena (volunteers)
4.Online orientation for NSS volunteers
5.Mask making – 500 nos
6.Dispenser manufacturing
7.Data collection and followup from nearby villages (for AICTE report) 


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