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The ECE department of MITS hosted an ice breaking session on 19th and 20th of January 2017 for S6 ECE students. The sessions were co-ordinated and organized by Mr. Rishikesh P H, Ms. Remya Jacob, and Ms. Athira jess Cherian (Assistant Professors). The sessions were aimed at motivation and confidence building of the students.

The first day started off with a fun activity. The students were divided into different groups and they were asked to set a strategy to pass a ball within the group members within the allotted time. This taught the students about the importance of being a team player. This was followed by a fun session wherein the students were asked to make different character costumes with newspapers and this brought out the creativity in them. Following was a talk by Ms. Bineetha, Basic Science department, MITS, who emphasised on the saying “Fake it till you make it”. She pointed out the importance of improving habitual gesture, the way of speaking and behaviours which would bring out the better you. She threw light on increasing the quality of the values of students.

The key aim of the entire program was goal setting which many of the teenagers lack, due to which they fail to reach great heights. Only silence and calmness of mind will let one hear their inner voice. The Trainers arranged a meditation session to make the students calm and relaxed. After the meditation session students were asked to write their goals and present it. The Trainers motivated the students by emphasizing the need for goal setting and placed them in an atmosphere where the entire air around them pushed them to think about their life and what they needed from it. Mr. Rishikesh P. H shared his personal experiences with the students which was powerful enough to make the students consider how they treat their parents. The evening session was a marketing session during which the students were asked to advertise and sell a useless product so as to build the management skills in them. Students selected their product and presented it in an impressive way to attract the audience. The day ended on a beautiful note with a candle lighting ceremony and then the students were asked to confess their issues among themselves.

The second day started off with student-led group discussions and interviews. Each student got an opportunity to attend the interview and also to become an interview panel member.  Score sheets were given to evaluate their performance, giving the students an idea about the various areas in which they will be evaluated in an actual interview. In the following session the students presented their individual goals. The last activity of the training programme was to take a survey. The students were given a topic and were asked to prepare some questions and conduct a survey and present their findings. The day ended with a session by Dr. Ramkumar S, Principal, MITS, who inspired them to think “Why we are what we are?”. The session emphasized on the need to be confident of being oneself and boosted the confidence level of the students.

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