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  • MoU with CDAC

  • MoU with Nest

  • MoU with ESIGELEC

Interaction with CDAC

A one-day technical workshop was conducted in the department by CDAC on 2nd June, 2022. The workshop included a detailed hands-on training on “VEGA” processors (India’s first indigenous 64-bit multi-core out-of-order superscalar Processor). The workshop was attended by the sixth semester students of the department.

Industry Interaction with RESNOVA Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Arunkant A Jose and Mr. Rishikesh P. H visited Resnova Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Kochi, Kerala, to have interaction regarding the development of industrial-grade electronics product. They visited this company as a part of their DST-funded project on Geospatial technologies. The industry visit was on 27th Jan 2022. Mr. Ajith Asok , Director and Co- Founder , Resnova Technologies had made arrangements for discussions regarding the product packaging.

Industry interaction with ESRI India

The Department of Electronics & Communication engineering of MITS interacted with ESRI India, a reputed company working in the field of Geo-Spatial Technologies. The session was organized exclusively for the ECE Department faculty members of MITS. The session was organized on 17 Dec 2021 from 12.00 PM to 1.00 PM.

Technical Talk by Mr. Kuruvila George (Diretcor, Verdant Telemetry & Antenna Systems)

Verdant Telemetry is currently one of the leading manufacturers of special purpose antennas used in aircraft communication. Mr. Kuruvila George briefed about the activities happening in Verdant and also presented the various opportunities in the field of RF Communication where the students can focus to work on. The session was conducted by the ECE Department on 18th March 2021 and was attended by the faculty and students of the department.

Faculty Visit to Verdant Telemetry & Antenna Systems

An industrial visit was made to the company Verdant Telemetry & Antenna Systems, Kochi by a team of five faculty members of the Department of Electronics and Communication, MITS on 12th February 2021. Verdant Telemetry has over two decades of expertise in RF & Composites. They are currently one of the leading manufacturers of lightweight antennas for aircraft communication. Verdant is serving the Indian Aerospace and Defence industries and has now marked its place in the international market as well, which is spread across different parts of the globe. The visit started off with a formal meeting with the Director and MD of Verdant. The faculty were briefed about the general activities of the company. The different products, including the different types of antenna used in airborne communication, developed by Verdant were shown and an overall picture of the current projects undertaken were briefed. The faculty also got the opportunity to visit the Radio station set up there and the ham radio operation method was demonstrated.

Team Members:
Dr. Neelakantan P.C.
Dr. Dhanya S.
Dr. Shobha Gopalakrishnan
Mr. Emmanuel Tom
Ms. Nayana P.K.

Faculty Visit to Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT)

An industrial visit to the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT), Kochi was conducted by a team of ten faculty of the Department of Electronics and Communication, MITS on 20th February 2020. CIFT is the only national centre in the country where research in all disciplines relating to fishing and fish processing is undertaken. The research work at CIFT is carried out in as various divisions namely fishing technology, fish processing, biochemistry and nutrition, quality assurance and management, and engineering. The visit started off with a formal meeting with the Director of the institute where an introduction to the general activities of CIFT were presented followed by a small presentation on the structure and subsidiaries of CIFT. Novel products and technologies related to fish capture and processing were introduced and exhibited during the visit, all of which were developed by CIFT. Solar fish dryers, novel materials developed for corrosion resistant coating in fishing boats, fish descaling machine, and fish meat bone separator are some of the examples. A visit was allowed to their international testing laboratory where poisonous chemicals and adulterants used in fish products are tested and certified accordingly. Labs on biochemistry were also availed for visit where equipment and machines for polymerase chain reaction (PCR), mass spectroscopy etc. were demonstrated and familiarized.

Team Members:
Dr. Abhilash Antony
Dr. Arunkant A. Jose
Mr. Rishikesh P.H.
Dr. Arun Joy
Mr. Baiju Karun
Ms. Dhanya S.
Ms. Deepa Prabhu
Ms. Binu Manohar
Ms. Nayana P.K.
Dr. Krishnapriya S.

HardTech Kochi -National Level Hardware Conclave Meetup

Maker Village in association with KSUM, organized a National Level Hardware Conclave meetup on 10th March 2018, at Gokulam Convention Center, Kochi. In this regard, Dr. Arunkant A Jose (Assistant Professor, ECE), Mr. Baiju Karun (Associate Professor, ECE), Mr.Rishikesh P H (Assistant Professor, ECE) and Mr. Gince Mon Georgekutty (Lab instructor, ECE) accompanied 30 ECE students from 2015-2019 Batch for the program.

Participated Companies: Lockheed Martin India, Siemens India, Dassault Systems India, Qualcomm India, Intel India, ARM India, Imec India, Bosch India, Tejas Networks, Invecas, Rambus, Texas Instruments India

SFO Transportation Business unit Visit on 23-Jan-2018

Participants: SFO team, Mr. Baiju Karun (Associate Professor, ECE), Mr.Anas M M (Assistant Professor, ECE), Ms. Megha Franklin

The discussion started at 10:00 a.m. and continued till 3:30 p.m

In the morning session the team discussed about the mode of project execution at SFO, various project lifecycle phases and the life cycle models adopted for different types of projects. They introduced the faculty team to the latest technologies being used for project execution and case studies of the customer projects and the in house projects.

In the afternoon session, the team was taken to the lab and there were demo sessions of various products developed at SFO like Heads up display, Instrument cluster, Infotainment with Miracast, On-board diagnostics etc

Summary of discussion:

  • MITS have to share the details of the MATLAB packages , so that further discussion on possibilities of Image processing project execution can be possible.

  • Discussed about students working on Autonomous cars, as part of the ARM design contest. SFO is interested in this, but due to their work schedule, they may not be able to support for the contest, scheduled in March. But EV, Autonomous vehicle and Power Electronics are identified as an area for long term association.

  • SFO has consented to support in bridging the gap between Industry and Institute in programming skill development of students. A team of 15 students needs to be identified who are trained in C and the SFO team will support to mentor those students for 4 weeks. The best 5 performers shall be selected for internship with SFO, during the coming summer break.

  • SFO is ready to mentor faculty members in areas like RTOS, where we lack practical exposure.

SFO Communication and Avionics Business unit Visit on 22-Jan-2018

Participants: SFO team, Mr.Arun Joy (Associate Professor, ECE), Mr.Ameenudeen P E (Assistant Professor, ECE)

The discussion started at 9:30 a.m. and continued till 12:00 p.m.

Summary of discussion:

  • MITS team shared the purpose of visit – to understand the current technologies deployed in industry and to know about the projects being executed at SFO. The team also discussed about the opportunities for utilizing the Keysight Centre of Excellence at MITS by SFO

  • Discussed about internship opportunities for MITS students and the SFO team mentioned that students can be taken for internships after a selection process.

  • Opportunity for faculty projects was discussed.

  • The communication team detailed about the communication domain projects being executed at SFO. The projects discussed were mainly related to the upper layers of communication protocols. The team mentioned that the research related to Physical layer is going on in R&D division of SFO and they suggested, to plan a meeting with the R&D team.

  • The avionics team mentioned that they’ll check if the licenced MATLAB with MITS can be utilized for testing their codes, and the details of MATLAB version was shared with the team.

Training Partnership with ESSCI (Electronics Sector Skills Council of India)

A Conference call with ESSCI team was held on 8.1.2018 and discussed about the possibilities of partnering with them in the areas of VLSI & ES. Their team will visit our campus in February 2018.

Possible Areas:

  • Semiconductor software Engineer

  • Semiconductor verification Engineer

  • Semiconductor design Engineer

  • Embedded product design Engineer

Industrial Visit

The Fifth Semester students (2015- 2019 Batch) of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) visited the International Space Research Organization (ISRO), Bangalore on the 21st December 2017. The students got a brief exposure to the various projects of ISRO till date. The centre exhibited models of all the satellites launched by the ISRO which included the first Indian satellite Aryabhatta and the first communication satellite Apple. The students also got an opportunity to witness the assembling processes involved in the manufacturing of satellites. Mr. Arun Joy (Associate Professor, ECE), Ms. Priscilla Grace George (Assistant Professor, ECE) and Ms. Athira Jess Cherian (Assistant Professor, ECE) accompanied the students on their Industrial Visit.

Industrial Visit to AIR Kakkanad

The Fourth Semester students (2016-2020 Batch) of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) visited All India Radio (AIR), Kakkand on the 13th March 2018. The students got a brief exposure to the working of radio communication and they had a chance to visit the studio room of AIR. They were introduced to the working and conduct of radio stations. Ms. Dhanya S (Associate Professor, ECE) and Mr. Baiju Karun (Associate Professor, ECE) accompanied the students on their Industrial Visit.

IEEE Blended Learning Program in VLSI

IEEE blended learning program in VLSI is a unique skills-development program that aims to increase the availability of skilled engineers in the rapidly growing Electronic System Design & Manufacturing (ESDM) sector in India. This includes an e-Learning component to teach concepts in a highly engaging and interactive manner, an instructor-led lab component, an adaptive assessment at the end of each course, content and performance analytics. Thirty two students of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) have successfully completed the course. The online test was conducted on 17-04-2017. The program was coordinated by Ms. Binu Manohar ( Assistant Professor, ECE).

Industrial visit to SFO Technologies, NeST group, CSEZ, Kakkanad

An 8 member faculty team from the ECE department of MITS, Varikoli visited the key electronics plants of SFO Technologies, NeST group company, CSEZ on 31st January 2017.

The main objectives of the visit were:

  • To acquire a general awareness of the large scale manufacturing and research activities of NeST Technologies.

  • To study the possibilities of undertaking business units, funded projects, student projects, training and internships.

The SFO technologies opened four relevant plants for the tour of the faculty team- Electronics, CWH (Cable & Wire Harness), Optronics and R&D.

The possibilities of undertaking student projects and providing training for students at NIFOT (NeST Institute of Fiber Optic Technology), Aluva, were also discussed. The team had a very informative and inspiring tour of the various research activities at SFO Technologies.



Dr. Ramkumar S.

Principal, MITS


Dhanya S.

HOD, Dept of ECE, MITS


Dr. Arun Joy

Associate Professor, Dept of ECE, MITS


Dr. Abhilash Antony

Associate Professor, Dept of ECE, MITS


Baiju Karun

Associate Professor, Dept of ECE, MITS


Anas M. M.

Assistant Professor, Dept of ECE, MITS


Binu Manohar

Assistant Professor, Dept of ECE, MITS


Priscilla Grace George

Assistant Professor, Dept of ECE, MITS


Visit to Keysight Centre of Excellence at PSNA College, Dindigul

A team of faculty members of ECE conducted a one day visit to RF Communication and Circuit Design lab of PSNA College of Engineering & Technolgy, Dindigul on 1st October 2016. The objective of the visit was to study the existing facilities of Keysight RF lab, workshops, Hardware and Software training and other revenue generation activities of the lab at PSNA. The university grants program has given MITS the status to elevate our RF lab to Keysight Center of Excellence: RF Communication lab. The team felt inspired and empowered to initiate such research activities in MITS: Keysight Center of Excellence RF lab.

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