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A premier engineering college in the state, located at Kochi


Affiliated to APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University
Approved by AICTE

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Quality Policy 

The IQAC@MITS is dedicated to fostering a culture of academic excellence and continuous improvement in our institution. Our aim is to achieve the highest standards of quality in education, research, and all aspects of our operations.

Our commitments:

  1. Continuous improvement: We embrace a culture of continuous improvement, constantly evaluating and enhancing our academic programs, teaching learning methodologies, research endeavors, and support services. We encourage feedback and engagement from all stakeholders to drive meaningful enhancements.
  2. Student-centric approach: We are committed to provide an exceptional learning environment that meets the evolving needs and expectations of our students.
  3. Adherence to quality standards: We are dedicated to comply with the standards and regulations set by statutory and accreditation bodies.
  4. Professional development: We invest in the continuous professional development of our faculty and staff, fostering a culture of lifelong learning and professional growth.
  5. Stakeholder engagement: We actively engage with our stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, alumni, and industry partners), to understand their expectations and feedback. We value their perspectives in shaping our strategies and initiatives.
  6. Innovation and research: We encourage and support innovation, research, and interdisciplinary collaboration, aiming to contribute knowledge, technology, and solutions that address societal challenges and promote sustainable development.
  7. Regular review and adaptation: Periodically reviewing this policy and our quality objectives to ensure their relevance and effectiveness, and making necessary revisions to adapt to changing circumstances and advancements in education.

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