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A premier engineering college in the state, located at Kochi


Affiliated to APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University
Approved by AICTE

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Quality Initiatives

  1. Development and implementation of quality policies and procedures:
  • Formulating and implementing quality policies and procedures aligned with the vision and mission of the institution. 
  • Establishing mechanisms to ensure compliance with quality standards.
  1. Institutional quality audit:
  • Conducting regular internal audits to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of academic and administrative processes.
  • Identifying areas for improvement and recommending corrective actions.
  1. Accreditation and certification: 
  • Preparing for and participating in accreditation processes by external accrediting bodies is a significant quality initiative. IQACs ensure that the institution meets the standards set by these bodies.
  1. Feedback and surveys:
  • Gathering feedback from stakeholders to assess the quality of education and services provided by the institution.
  • Analyzing the feedback to identify areas of improvement and implementing necessary changes.
  1. Faculty development:
  • Organizing workshops, seminars, and training programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of faculty members.
  1. Continuous improvement: Fostering a culture of continuous improvement where all stakeholders are encouraged to contribute to the enhancement of quality.
  2. Best practices sharing: Collaborating with other institutions and sharing best practices to learn from and contribute to the wider educational community.
  3. Student support services: Ensuring that student support services, such as counseling, career guidance, and placement assistance, are provided effectively.
  4. Teaching and learning methods: IQAC promote innovative teaching and learning methods, such as the use of technology, active learning strategies, and student-centered approaches to improve the quality of education.
  5. Curriculum review and enhancement: IQAC conducts regular reviews of the curriculum to ensure it meets the academic and industrial standards. Feedback from students, faculty, and industry experts are also considered during this process.

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