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SL No.
1 Ananthu M N, Christy Tom scaria, Sruthi S Menon, Shino Joy, Geethu Chacko, Sindhura Rose Thomas,Development of a Robotic system for Power Transmission Line Inspection,INDICON 2022
2 Chacko G, Syamala L, James N, Jos BM, Kallarackal M. Switching Frequency Limited Hysteresis Based Voltage Mode Control of Single-Phase Voltage Source Inverters. Energies. 2023; 16(2):783.
3 Chacko,Geethu K Mathew(2022)Hysteresis based voltage mode control of three phase two level inverters with constant switching frequency,INDICON 2022
4 Clear Sky and real sky solar radiation modelling for locations in India, International Conference on Advances in Energy Research, IIT Bombay
5 Das, J. Batteries and flow batteries-life cycle assessment in Indian conditions. Clean Techn Environ Policy (2022).
6 Das,Jani (2022) Life Cycle Analysis of Hydrogen Production and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle in Indian Conditions,INDICON 2022
7 Electro-Thermal and Mechanical Aspects of Thermally Aged Cellulose Insulation Impregnated with Nanofluids
8 Emil Raju, Arun Jose, Febin Mathew George, Sherin Sabu, Jani Das, Venugopalan K (2021) MATLAB Modelling Of EV and BMS For Modular Battery Swapping, ,AIP Conference Proceedings 2452, 030008 (2022);
10 Preenu Paul, Babita R Jose, T. K. Shahana, Chikku Abraham & JimsonMathew. “Design and analysis of a dual input quasi SB-SC cell high gain converter”
11 Sindhura Rose Thomas, Vinod V. Nair and Usha Nair “Criticality Identification in Power Distribution Networks with Voltage Stability Index based on Apparent Power”

9 th International Conference on Smart Computing and Communications on 17,18,19 August 2023

MoU with Energy Management Centre

Energy Management Centre (EMC) and Muthoot Institute of Technology and Science (MITS) has signed an MoU on the execution of the project “Optimal Placement and Impact Assessment of EVCS on Grid Characteristics in Urban Locations of Kerala” by Dr. Jani Das and Mr.Venugopalan Kurupath of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department.

MITS - Siemens MoU extension

The extension of MoU between Siemens and MITS for collaborative work in the MITS Siemens Centre of Excellence for Automation and Drives on Industrial Drives was signed digitally on 8/12/2021.

Paper Presentation at Texas Power end Energy Conference

Dr. Jani Das, presented the paper tilled ” Life Cycle Energy Analysis of a Microalgal based Bioreactor” at Texas Power and Energy Conference held Texas A&M University, February  2021

Paper Publication in IETE Journal of Research,Taylor and Francis

Congratulations to Ms. Sindhura rose Thomas ,Assistant Professor -EEE Dept, for publishing a research paper in the reputed journal -IETE Journal of Research,Taylor and Francis.

Bibiliographic Information

S. R. Thomas, B. Krishna, and U. Nair, “Permutation Entropy Thresholding: A Non-Linear Signal Processing Method for Islanding Detection,” IETE J. Res., 2020, doi: 10.1080/03772063.2020.1863162.


The paper titled ” Launch vehicle Autopilot Design  using Automated QFT-PID controller” by Ms.Meera Sivadas(Asst: Professor,EEE Dept) was accepted for presentation and publication in IEEE International Conference on Futuristic Technologies in Control systems and Renewable Energy ,MES College kuttipuram  on 23-24 September 2020


  • Jani Das(2020),”Optimal component Sizing of an Isolated PV-Wind-Battery Microgrid in India using multi Objective Optimization “at 17th India Council International Conference (INDICON 2020) held at NSUT Delhi

Paper publication in Journal

Ms. Sindhura Rose Thomas(Asst. Professor, EEE) and Mr. Venugopalan Kurupath( Asso. Professor, EEE) has published a paper titled ‘A Passive Islanding Detection Method based on K-means Clustering and EMD of Reactive Power Signal’, published in Elsevier – Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks Journal, August 2020.

Bibiliographic Information

S.R. Thomas, V. Kurupath, and U. Nair, “A passive islanding detection method based on K-means clustering and EMD of reactive power signal,” Sustain. Energy, Grids Networks, vol. 23, p. 100377, 2020.

doi: ttps://

Note of appreciation for the students of 2016-2020 Batch, Conference Papers

Very happy to inform that 5 conference papers have been  accepted for presentation  by internaational conferences based on the project topics of 2016-2020 batch.

  • Akshay S,Edwin Jerald,Jiso Chacko,Ajay Varghese,Jim George,Meera Sivadas (2020)Performance Improvement of Conical Tank Process Applying Fractional Order Control, XVII Control Instrumentation System Conference(Springer), Manipal Institute of Technology,Manipal,10/2020.
  • Abhijith K.S, Ananthakrishnan.V.V, Ashok.K.S, Ashwin T.A, Jani Das, Anjali Varghese. C (2020) Modelling and Analysis of an Efficient Solar, IEEE International Conference on Futuristic Technologies in Control Systems and Renewable Energy, MES College of Engineering, Kerala,09/2020.
  • Karthika S, Meera Ashok, Meera Mohan, R. Hima, Jani Das, Anjali Varghese. C (2020) An Enhanced P and O Algorithm for Maximum Power Point Tracking, IEEE International Conference on Futuristic Technologies in Control Systems and Renewable Energy, MES College of Engineering, Kerala,09/2020.
  • Bibin T Thomas, Noyal Joseph Binu,Alan Varghese,Abin A Peter,Gylson Thomas,Venugopalan. K (2020) Artificial Intelligence based phonocardiogram proposed for cardiac screening of school children, International Conference on Futuristic Technologies in Control Systems and Renewable Energy, MES College of Engineering, Kerala,09/2020.
  • Aiswarya P,Hina Azeez,Kavya Lawrance, Sharon C Lazar and Sindhura Rose Thomas(2020) A Novel Passive Islanding Detection Method using Dispersion Entropy ACCESS 2020(Springer),Adi Sankara Institute of Engg and Technology,06/2020

PV Power at MITS

Under the supervision and expertise of the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, MITS has implemented a 250 KW rooftop solar plant under BOOT Model, the first of its kind in KERALA. The installation team consisted of Mr.Venugopalan Kurupath (Associate Professor,EEE), Dr.Anjali Varghese.C (Associate Professor,EEE) and Mr.Ramakrishnan.P.V (Assistant Professor, EEE).

The properties of the installed system are:

  • 250kWp grid connected rooftop PV system
  • Per unit cost=Rs 4.4/-(Rs 8/unit –present charge)
  • Meets 60% of our annual energy requirement (3.39 lakh units/annum)
  • BOOT (Build Own Operate Transfer) model
  • Life time =20 years

A laboratory prototype of 3kW polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels has also been set up in the project lab. An inverter and lead acid battery is also part of the set up. Both students and faculty can do renewable energy based research projects in the facility.

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