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IBM career education program facilitates add-on course delivery to students. As an initiative of career education program, IBM Business analytics lab is set up in Turing lab of CSE department. The program consists of two phases- Faculty Enablement Program and Student Development Program. Faculty enablement program was conducted from 17th June 2019 to 21st June 2019. Subject Matter experts (SME) from IBM provided trainings on Artificial Intelligence analyst course and Business Intelligence Analyst course. Both sessions were attended by 15 participants each. 4faculty members qualified IBM Business Analyst (BI) Mastery award 2019 and 11 faculty members achieved IBM BI Explorer award 2019. 12 participants of IBM Artificial Intelligence analyst program qualified both Explorer and Mastery awards 2019. The Explorer Award badge represents achievements on the part of the learner who is in the earlier stages of acquiring knowledge and developing skills for a particular area of interest. The Mastery Award badge is awarded to individuals who have successfully completed and passed the IBM Skills Academy final exam. This badge is typically associated with the learner who has achieved and demonstrated a high level of understanding of the topic represented by passing the final exam. Student enablement program phase is implemented during technical hours of 3rd year and 4th year students. Training is facilitated by the faculty who qualified Mastery awards 2019.

IBM Artificial Intelligence Analyst Program:

The Artificial Intelligence career path prepares students to apply AI in real-life. This will require skills in machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), chatbots, and computer vision. Training topics will include AI, IBM Watson, hands-on and case studies on machine learning, NLP, chatbots, and computer vsion.

Learning Modules

Module I – Artificial Intelligence Overview: AI overview, trends, advancements, Types of AI, and its applications, AI research focus, Business analytics

Module II – Prerequisites, IBM Watson and how it works, Watson technology case studies

From DeepQA to Watson services, Watson services available on IBM Cloud.

Module III – Artificial Intelligence Analyst: Machine learning, IBM Watson services, IBM Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning, IBM Watson Knowledge Studio, Deep learning and Neural Network Modeler, NLP concepts, applications, and case studies, NLP Watson services, Introduction to chatbots and chatbots components, How to build a chatbot with Watson Assistant, Computer vision components and pipeline, How to classify images with Watson Visual Recognition, Building intelligent solutions by integrating Watson services

IBM Open Badges: Artificial Intelligence Analyst: Explorer | Mastery Award

Associated Job Roles: Cloud Application Developer, Data Scientist

IBM Business Intelligence Analyst Program:

The Business Intelligence Analyst career path prepares students to understand report building techniques using relational data models. They will also learn how to enhance, customize, and manage professional reports and will then further be explained about Active reports content and functionality.

Learning Modules

Module I – Analytics Overview: Business Analytics Overview, Trends, Case Studies, Understanding Business Intelligence and Analytics

Module II – Business Analytics Foundations, Business Intelligence Overview, Reports and Metadata models

Module III – Business Intelligence Analyst, Introduction of Reporting Application, List Reports and Crosstab Reports, Data graphics (charts, numerals, visualization), Parameters and prompts, Query models and relationships (using SQL), Advanced dynamic reports, Data sorting using effective prompts, Report distribution through Bursting, Data user interaction with HTML, Active Reports

IBM Open Badges: Business Intelligence Analyst: Explorer | Mastery Award

Associated Job Roles: Predictive Analytics Modeller, Data Scientist, Data Engineer. 

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