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Material testing lab helps the students to study the mechanical properties of materials such as Ductility, Hardness, Toughness, Yield stress, Ultimate tensile and shear stresses etc. The lab is furnished with different types of equipment such as Universal testing machine, Compression testing machine, spring testing machine, fatigue testing machine, strut testing machine etc. The lab is also equipped with all the necessary instruments to start up the consultancy services for different industries.


Survey lab is furnished with traditional survey instruments and most modern survey equipment total station. The traditional survey instruments include chain, compass, plane table, dumpy level, theodolite etc. Students are being trained in the lab to excel in their curriculum as well as with the potential of doing any kind of land survey as consultancy service.


Geotechnical laboratory provides fully equipped facilities to carry out all fundamental experiments in soil mechanics according to the standards. Some of the tests conducted in this lab are consolidation test, triaxial compression tests, direct shear tests, Atterbergs limit determination and soil classification. The lab is designed with most advanced equipments to take up consultancy services.


Computer Aided Design is an inevitable part of any civil engineering curriculum. Computer Aided Design laboratory is fully equipped with 30 computer systems. Students are exposed to two dimensional as well as three-dimensional drawings in AutoCAD. The CAD lab is also designed to make use of the modern civil engineering softwares such as STAAD, ETABS for structural analysis and designing, and ‘Primavera’ for project management.


This lab provides facilities for testing various building materials such as cement, aggregate, concrete, bric, and tile. The basic properties like compressive strength, flexural strength, tensile strength etc. are being tested in this lab. For taking up consultancy services, beyond the curriculum, we have sophisticated equipment such as high precision Compression Testing Machine, Concrete Permeability Apparatus, Air Entrainment Meter etc.


The Environmental Engineering lab provides an excellent platform for the students to familiarize themselves with the advanced methods of water and wastewater quality assessment, which are being currently used in industry. The college offers a fully furnished and well-equipped laboratory with latest equipments having high quality and accuracy. Some of the highlights of the lab are the UV visible double beam Spectrophotometer, Nephelometer, Jar Test Apparatus etc. The laboratory offers full facility to students as well as staff to perform project works, research and various consultancy works. The lab facilities empower the students to ensure that the technical processes used for water purification are environmentally safe and are compliant with industry standards and methods.


The transportation engineering lab provides an insight to the students regarding various materials used in road construction such as bitumen, aggregate, soil, bitumen mixes and it’s testing for studying various properties of the materials. The department offers a fully furnished and well-equipped laboratory with most modern and latest equipments having high quality and accuracy. The lab provides a platform for the students not only to conduct the experiments but also to carry out additional experiments and research works in the field of transportation engineering. Further, the transportation engineering lab is designed to take up consultancy services from the respective area.


Project Lab provides the necessary facilities and ambience for students to gain the hands-on experience required to develop creative skills vital in the field of Civil Engineering. The Project Laboratory provides a platform for students to apply and mould their theoretical knowledge into practical realizations which they may achieve through Technical Sessions, Design Projects and UG Curriculum Main Projects.

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