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Department Association: Association of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

In the month of October 2022, the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science established the Department Association. Dr. Elizabeth Sherly, a professor at Kerala Digital University, inaugurated the association. The Association’s primary goal is to equip students with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, etc. In recent years, the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science have experienced remarkable growth and advancement. The term artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the creation of intelligent computers that are capable of performing activities that generally require human-like intellect, such as speech recognition, natural language processing, visual perception, and decision-making. On the other side, data science uses computational, statistical, and mathematical techniques to draw knowledge and insights from data. Data science is essential. These algorithms are supported by data science, which helps to ensure the correctness and dependability of these algorithms.

To advance students’ and faculty members’ expertise in the field of AI and DS, the Association is hosting a number of workshops, technical presentations, and other events.

 Faculty Co-ordinator :  ELDHOSE P SIM,  Asst. Professor, AI-DS Department

Student Co-ordinator:   Arjun Hariprasad, S6 CS AI


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