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*CSE,ECE,EEE,ME (2019-22)


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Sl.No. Student name University No. On/Off Campus Name of the employer
1 Abin A Peter MUT16EE134 On TCS,Wipro
2 Praveen M MUT16EE077 On TCS,CTS,Wipro
3 Bibin T Thomas MUT16EE023 On TCS
4 Noyal Joseph Binu MUT16EE124 On TCS,CTS
5 Sethulakshmi K.A MUT16EE095 On TCS,Wipro
6 Kavya Lwarance MUT16EE061 On TCS,Wipro
7 Ritu Susan Mathew MUT16EE210 On TCS,Infosys
8 R.Hima MUT16EE019 On TCS,CTS,Infosys
9 Meera Asok MUT16EE116 On TCS,Infosys
10 Ashok K.S MUT16EE203 On TCS,Wipro
11 Edwin Jerald MUT16EE133 On Mitsogo,Infosys
12 Sharon C Lazar MUT16EE013 On CTS
13 Anandhu Sajeev MUT16EE198 On CTS,Infosys
14 Mallika Ravi MUT16EE129 On Mindtree,Wipro
15 Farzana MUT16EE205 On Amazon Tron,Infosys
16 Megha Shaiju MUT16EE208 On Wipro
17 Niva Saji MUT16EE209 On Wipro,Infosys
18 Jishnu P Saju MUT16EE128 On Wipro
19 Aswin T.A MUT16EE132 On Hexaware
20 Ajay Varghese MUT16EE139 On Hexaware
21 Midhun K.M MUT16EE259 On Hexaware
22 Shebin Shaju MUT16EE211 On Infosys
23 Yashwant Menon MUT16EE308 On Infosys
24 V.S.Arjun MUT16EE307 On Infosys
25 Hina Azeez MUT16EE080 On Infosys
26 Dhanya Mohandas MUT16EE149 On Infosys
27 Ardra R.S MUT16EE On G10X
28 Ananthakrishnan V.V MUT16EE121 On G10X
Sl.No. Student name University No. On/Off Campus Name of the employer
1 Abhijith P S MUT15EE002 On TCS
2 Ashitha Mottu Baby MUT15EE015 On TCS
3 Sukrith Sunil MUT15EE053 On TCS
4 Anjali K V MUT15EE010 On Wipro
5 Emily A Thomas MUT15EE026 On Wipro
6 Harikrishnan P.S MUT15EE030 On Wipro, Speridian
7 Meenu Anil MUT15EE039 On Wipro
8 Rahul Sujith MUT15EE044 On Say One
9 Ashish Philip Thomas MUT15EE014 On BYJU’S
10 Resmy Vinod MUT15EE047 On Wipro, Byjus
11 Arya S MUT15EE012 Off Cognizant
12 Dawny Joy MUT15EE023 Off Cognizant
13 Denny George MUT15EE024 Off Cognizant
14 Meera J Nambodiry MUT15EE040 Off Cognizant
15 Susan Jain MUT15EE054 Off Cognizant
16 Shahanaz M.M MUT15EE051 Off Cognizant
17 Rahul Eldho bijoy MUT15EE045 On Infosys
18 Gautham Madhu MUT15EE027 On Infosys
19 Januva K J MUT15EE031 On TCS
20 Rahul P M MUT15EE046 Off Thinkpalm Technologies
21 Seethu Paulson MUT15EE050 On Nest SFO
22 Gilna K George MUT15EE028 On Nest SFO
23 Vinu Vijayan MUT15EE055 On OEN Connectors
24 Sreejith R MUT15EE052 On TCS
25 Anandhu Babu MUT15EE009 On TCS
26 Athul Reji MUT15EE018 On UST Global
Sl.No. Student name University No. On/Off Campus Name of the employer
1 Nair Rohit Ramesh 14027730 On Good Methods Global
2 Robin K Roy 14027734 On Infosys
3 Mintu Anna Paul 14027728 Off Saranga Geosoftware and Engineering
4 Alex Eldho Baby 14027705 On Infosys
5 Amala Babu 14027706 On Infosys
6 Aswathy Vijayan 14027713 On Infosys
7 Anju Rajan 14027711 On Telenova Networks
8 Vipin R 14027739 On Nest SFO
9 Athira M Menon 14027701 On Nest SFO
10 Irene Issac 14027718 On Tritech
11 Alan Varghese 14027704 On Telenova Networks
12 Louis Philip 14027725 On Telenova Networks
13 Sanu Sajeevan 14027735 Off Saranga Geosoftware and Engineering
14 Jesin Jose 14027720 Off Itrans Eletrocomponents Pvt Ltd
15 Maria Mathew 14027726 Off Saranga Geosoftware and Engineering
16 Vineetha P B 14027738 off Saranga Geosoftware and Engineering
17 Maria Raju 14027727 Off Furbo Security Solutions
18 Anagha Suresh 14027707 Off Saranga Geosoftware and Engineering
19 Adarsh O B 14027702 Off Traco Cable Company LTD
20 Anand Ashok 14027708 Off Kerala Electrical and Allied Engineering
21 Muhammed Jaseel 14027729 Off Millenium Aero Dynamics
Sl.No. Student name University No. On/Off Campus Name of the employer
1 Jephin Varghese Johnson 13028193 On Nest SFO
2 Kaushik V Shankar 13028194 On Nest SFO
3 Meghna Krishna G Pillai 13028198 On Nest SFO
4 Albin Mathew 13028172 Off Akshay Controls And Systems Pvt Ltd
5 Sarath K B 13028204 Off Cochin Shipyard Limited
6 Sreemol M 13028205 On OEN Connectors
7 Vishnurathan C S 13028208 Off Traco Cable Company Limited
8 Blessy John 13028189 Off CIAL
9 Anna Antony 13028180 On Byju’s , The Learning App
10 Aleena K Varghese 13028173 Off Tata Elxsi
11 EldhoseRaju 13028190 On Cabot Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
12 Mohammed Razeen C N 13028199 Off Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd
13 Manu Thomas 13028196 Off Avalon Technologies(Mepz-Sez)
14 Meera Rajendran 13028197 On Byju’s , The Learning App
15 Belbin Benny Augusthy 13028187 On Tri Tech
16 Rani Markose 13028202 On Byju’s , The Learning App
17 Vishnu Prasad 13028206 Off OGD Limited
18 Amith Mathew 13028177 Off Verghmens Electricals
19 Arun Nair 13028182 Off ETRANS LOGISTICS
20 Anil S Menon 13028178 Off ETRANS LOGISTICS
21 P. B. Binumon 13028200 Off Cochin Food Tech Pvt Ltd.
22 Richu George Abraham 13028203 Off Power Solutions
23 Abraham P Elias 13028171 Off Dent Care Dental Lab Pvt Ltd,

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