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Faculty Achievements - Courses attented

Sl. No.FacultyCourseInstitutionDuration
1Ms.MaryLissy P.NPlastic Waste ManagementIIT Karagpur8 weeks


Ms. Midhun Elizabeth VargheseHydration , Porosity &  Strength of cementitious materialsIIT Kanpur8 weeks
Advanced Topic in the science & Technology of ConcreteIIT Madras4 weeks
Advanced Concrete TechnologyIIT Madras4 weeks
3Ms. Ginu S MalakeelEffective Engineering Teaching PracticeIIT Madras4 weeks
4Ms. Nishida AElectronic Waste management –Challenges & IssuesIIT Karagpur4 weeks


Project Expo 2019

A team of three students from S8 CE under the guidance of Mr. Dhileep M was awarded 2ndposition in the final year Project Exhibition for the project titled “ASPECTS OF MODELING AND SUPPORT EXCITATION IN THE SEISMIC ANALYSIS IN NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS” organized by MITS on May 10th 2019.

TEKON & KETCON (State Level Competotion)

The students of Civil Engineering Department of MITS, Nimna Babu, Sona Kunjumon, Sreelakshmi Sajeev and Vishnupriya Subhash under the xepert guidance of Mrs. Mary Lissy P.N, HOD, Civil Engineering Department had exhibited the innovation titled ‘Smog Purifier’ in the TEKON & KETCON contest organized by KTU & KSCSTE during 15 – 17 February 2019 hosted at GEC Thrissur & St. Gits Kottayam.


Survey lab is furnished with traditional survey instruments and most modern survey equipment total station. The traditional survey instruments include chain, compass, plane table, dumpy level, theodolite etc. Students are being trained in the lab to excel in their curriculum as well as with the potential of doing any kind of land survey as consultancy service.


Material testing lab helps the students to study the mechanical properties of materials such as Ductility, Hardness, Toughness, Yield stress, Ultimate tensile and shear stresses etc. The lab is furnished with different types of equipment such as Universal testing machine, Compression testing machine, spring testing machine, fatigue testing machine, strut testing machine etc. The lab is also equipped with all the necessary instruments to start up the consultancy services for different industries.


This lab provides facilities for testing various building materials such as cement, aggregate, concrete, bric, and tile. The basic properties like compressive strength, flexural strength, tensile strength etc. are being tested in this lab. For taking up consultancy services, beyond the curriculum, we have sophisticated equipment such as high precision Compression Testing Machine, Concrete Permeability Apparatus, Air Entrainment Meter etc.


The Environmental Engineering lab provides an excellent platform for the students to familiarize themselves with the advanced methods of water and wastewater quality assessment, which are being currently used in industry. The college offers a fully furnished and well-equipped laboratory with latest equipments having high quality and accuracy. Some of the highlights of the lab are the UV visible double beam Spectrophotometer, Nephelometer, Jar Test Apparatus etc. The laboratory offers full facility to students as well as staff to perform project works, research and various consultancy works. The lab facilities empower the students to ensure that the technical processes used for water purification are environmentally safe and are compliant with industry standards and methods.


Geotechnical laboratory provides fully equipped facilities to carry out all fundamental experiments in soil mechanics according to the standards. Some of the tests conducted in this lab are consolidation test, triaxial compression tests, direct shear tests, Atterbergs limit determination and soil classification. The lab is designed with most advanced equipments to take up consultancy services.


The transportation engineering lab provides an insight to the students regarding various materials used in road construction such as bitumen, aggregate, soil, bitumen mixes and it’s testing for studying various properties of the materials. The department offers a fully furnished and well-equipped laboratory with most modern and latest equipments having high quality and accuracy. The lab provides a platform for the students not only to conduct the experiments but also to carry out additional experiments and research works in the field of transportation engineering. Further, the transportation engineering lab is designed to take up consultancy services from the respective area.


Computer Aided Design is an inevitable part of any civil engineering curriculum. Computer Aided Design laboratory is fully equipped with 30 computer systems. Students are exposed to two dimensional as well as three-dimensional drawings in AutoCAD. The CAD lab is also designed to make use of the modern civil engineering softwares such as STAAD, ETABS for structural analysis and designing, and ‘Primavera’ for project management.


Project Lab provides the necessary facilities and ambience for students to gain the hands-on experience required to develop creative skills vital in the field of Civil Engineering. The Project Laboratory provides a platform for students to apply and mould their theoretical knowledge into practical realizations which they may achieve through Technical Sessions, Design Projects and UG Curriculum Main Projects.


Best B. Tech Project Award in Ultra Tech– ICI Awards 2018

The Best B.Tech Project Award in Ultra Tech-ICI awards 2018 is received by the students of 2018 pass out. The student team members are Basil Johny, Jayitha V Mohan, Preshma P S and Jaseel M A under the guide ship of Ms. Anusree A, Assistant Professor, Muthoot Institute of Technology and Science.

Faculty Awards : (National Level)

Emerging ICI-Student Chapter Award

ICI (Indian Concrete Institute) Student Chapter of Department of Civil Engineering, MITS was elected as the “Emerging Student Chapter” all over India. The title marked an exemplary recognition at the National level wherein more than 100 ICI Chapters were recommended. It was really a proud moment for the Civil Engineering Department to win the title in its beginning stage itself. Ms. Mary Lissy P N (HoD, CE) received the award from Dr.M R Kalgal (President, ICI) in the 34th Annual General Body Meeting of ICI held at Nagpur on 8th October, 2017.

Faculty Awards ( STATE LEVEL)

ICI Outstanding Student Chapter Award

Muthoot Institute of Technology and Science was conferred with an award for being the OUTSTANDING ICI STUDENTS CHAPTER. The awards felicitation was held at KOCHI MARRIOT HOTEL, COCHIN on 30th October 2017.



Sl NoDateName of studentsSemesterPositionCompetition/ Paper PresentationHosted institution Name
116/03/2018Athulya J Chettoorand Catherine GeorgeS4SecondBUILDER BRAINS, an inter collegiate Quiz competition on Civil Engineering,AISAT, Kalamassery
210-11-2018ANAND MATHEWS5THIRD PRIZEEUREKA (Paper Presentation)Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally
310-11-2018ANAND MATHEWS5FIRST PRIZEBURJ AL STICKSAmal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally
410-11-2018DENO PRINCES5FIRST PRIZEBURJ AL STICKSAmal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally
510-11-2018KUNJAKO SUNNYS5FIRST PRIZEBURJ AL STICKSAmal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally
610-11-2018KUNJAKO SUNNYS5THIRD PRIZEEUREKA (Paper Presentation)Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally
731/10/2018Jeeva MariyamS3FirstROBOWARILM College of Engineering, Perumbavoor
86/02/2018Jeeva MariyamS3FirstKURUKSHETRAFISAT, Angamaly
97/03/2018Jeeva MariyamS3FirstROBOWARAISAT
1023/02/2018Jeeva MariyamS3ThirdKURUKSHETRASahrdaya College of Engineering, Kodakkara
1119/01/2018Jeeva MariyamS3SecondROBOFLIGHTSt. Thomas College Pala
1216/02/2018Jeeva MariyamS3FirstROBOWARMagalam College of Engineering ,Ettumanoor
132/03/2018Reshma RajS3FirstROBOWARIIST, Trivandrum
1426/10/2018Ganga SS3FirstBEST ENGINEERCET Trivandrum
1526/10/2018Fathima ShirinS3FirstBUILD MY CITYCET Trivandrum
1626/10/2018Keerthi PradeepS3FirstBUILD MY CITYCET Trivandrum



Sl NoDateName of studentsSemesterPositionCompetetion/ PaperPresentationHosted Institution Name
13/01/2017Aleesha Saji Joseph, Isabel Maria Binu, Niniya Babu and Reshma KoshyS3Thirdpaper presentationIIT MADRAS
23/01/2017Bovas Benny, Chandraj S, Delbin Benny andMuhammed Aslam P SS3FourthIndian Design Railway Challenge conducted by Shastra ’17IIT MADRAS
38/03/2017Jacob V James, Aravind V M and Arun G PaiS8ThirdCube Casting Competetion-Tharang 2017Jyothi Engineering College
418/03/2017Aubau Paul KuriakoseS4FirstBest Engineer- Drishti’17CET, Trivandrum
518/03/2017Bony BabuS4Runner UpBest Engineer- Drishti’17CET, Trivandrum
618/03/2017Lakshmi S Nair, Meenu Sojan and Radhika KS4SecondFabricoso- Drishti’17CET, Trivandrum
718/03/2017Govind Parameswaran,Aubau Paul Kuriakose and Bony BabuS4ThirdFabricosoDrishti’17CET, Trivandrum
83/06/2017Akash Shaji, Alex Saji, Basil Johnny, Shone Greens andVishwas VinodS6FirstCUBEATHON 2017 (State level Cube strength testing competition)ICI
923/06/2017Ancy C Baby and FesinS8SecondPROCOMP 2017Albertian Institute of Science and Technology, jointly organised by GraduateAssociation of Consultant Engineers (GRACE)
109/10/2018Aswin V Panikar, Gladwin Saju andVivekVijayanS3FirstBRIDGE IT- DHISHNA 2K17,TechfestCUSAT
1121/10/2017Anand Mathew and Mathew ManojS3firstSOLARIS,-As part of ASHWAMEDHA, TechfestAdi Shankara Institute Of Engineering And Technology.
1221/10/2017NijasMuhammed and Deno PrinceS3SecondARCARDICO (BRIDGE IT)organised by ASHWAMEDHA, TechfestAdi Shankara Institute Of Engineering And Technology.
1328/10/2018Aswin V Paniker, Gladwin Saju andMuhammed SalehS3Second11th HOUR organized by Pantheon, TechfestCET, Trivandrum
1428/10/2018Anand Mathew, John Jose, Kunchakoc Sunny, Midhun NS3FirstCREATRIX, organized by Pantheon, TechfestCET, Trivandrum
1528/10/2018Devika V S, Aneeta Varghese, Veena Joshi, Athulya JS3ThirdCREATRIX, organized by Pantheon, TechfestCET, Trivandrum
1628/10/2018Lakshmi S Nair, Meenu Sojan and Reenu SajuS5First Second ThirdBest Engineer CompetitionCET, Trivandrum



Sl NoDateName of studentsSemesterPositionCompetetion/ PaperPresentationHosted institution Name
18/01/2016Reenu Raju, Meenu Sojan, Anna John, Ashika ThankachanS1Paper PresentedPaper Presenatation – KETCONAmal Jyothy College of Engineering
25/08/2016NandakishoreK, Anandhu S Babu,Jinsa George, Abhilasha Santhosh Kumar, NandhanaS7Third PositionICI CUBE STRENGTH COMPETETIONICI KOCHI CENTRE
42016Ciya, Anjana, Angel,S5Participated- Reached FinalSWAPNAKERALAMMALAYALA MANORAMA
5Alex Saji, Basil Johney, Jaseel M AS5ThirdMOMENTS-16NIT TRICHY
6Nandana K A & NandhaKishore KS7FirstBRIDGE IT -IGNIZ 2K16SCMS
7NandhakishoreS7ThirdClash of CADMOMENTS-16, NIT TRICHY

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